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You may still have some questions buzzing around in your head, hopefully by reading the different subject headings those questions will be answered. If not, and because we understand you may have a specific question that is personal to you and you only, we encourage you to use the ‘contact us‘ page to ask such question(s) with us directly. Rest assured, even if the question is complicated, we will do our upmost to answer it through the numerous resources and professionals at our disposal.

As we do not know your medical history etc please understand we can only give a general answer,  the decision as to whether you enter into discussions with your health care provider/doctor before starting the 21 night training programme remains with you.

Common symptoms of  Vaginismus:

  • Inability to use Tampons or Menstrual Cups
  • Painful Sex
  • Fear  of Sex
  • Fear of Smears and Examinations
  • Clamping Shut during Examinations
  • Unable to Consummate Marriage ( sometimes linked with fear, anxiety or culture)
  • Burning, Stinging, Tight Vagina
  • Clamping Shut  or Bearing Down to avoid Penetration

For further information read our topic on Vaginismus

Here are some answers to questions that often crop up:

Q : How is my order sent out ?
A : Plain packaging

Q : How will the transaction appear on my Bank Statement ?
A : V Moose

Q : When is the best time to start the 21 night programme?
A : After your period has ended, or if not having periods, as soon as you are ready. You should not use the Vagi-Wave during a period because  you need the sides to make contact with all of the vagina and if you are having a period there will be menstrual flow which will lessen the contact.

Q : What do I do if my period begins/began before I completed 21 nights ?
A : If you have irregular periods or your period arrives before you completed 21 nights, stop using the Vagi-Wave during a period, and add the missed nights on when your period has ended. You should not use the Vagi-Wave during a period because  you need the sides to make contact with all of the vagina and if you are having a period there will be menstrual flow which will lessen the contact.

Q : What if I need the toilet in the night?
A : Remove before getting out of bed, go to the toilet, do whatever you need to do, then wash your Vagi-wave , go back to bed and reinsert.

Q : I am a Muslim can I use it to help me in my future marriage ?
A : Yes because it is now being given as a gift at the Dholki and/or couple’s Walima.

Q : Where can I find testimonials ?
A : Click here to read our testimonials.

Q : Does the vagi-wave work the same as a a vaginal dilator ?
A  : No, the Vagi-Wave is completely different because no stretching takes place, in fact to understand the difference, please have a read of the science to have a better understanding about the difference.

Q: What’s it like to have sex for the first time or if you haven’t had it for a long time ?
A: Well look at it like this, if it’s the first time you are using this part of your body it’s going to be new sensation you have to accept and get used to because you are awakening muscles and tissue in an area that may have been sleeping for a while. If you are apprehensive about this, well that is absolutely normal, after all if you were to jump out of a plane for the first time with a parachute strapped to your back, you would feel some apprehension about that  – wouldn’t you? Of course you would, and again completely normal. So when you have sex for the first time you are going to notice what is going on in that area but the secret is to STOP fretting and keep at it. If it’s easier for you – think of if in the terms of breaking in a new pair of shoes  – do you give up on the shoes ? No, so look at sex in the same context or compare it to a work out at the gym, wakening up sleeping muscles, because the more you persevere the easier it becomes. You’ve come this far so please carry on, because when you accept everything is happening because it’s simply a new experience, it will become easier. Besides can you think of a better  excuse to keep practicing ‘adult’ fun ? We can’t, so ladies knuckle down and go with the flow. Remember,  your vagina is made to dilate to the size of a baby’s head for childbirth, so your body can and will do it’s job it you let it, so what’s been stopping you ? Nothing other than you, so STOP and reflect, take control and start trusting in your ability to do whatever you want.

Tell me more about the Vagi-Wave, like how is it made :

We believe that all women should have a happy and healthy experience. That is why we do everything we can to ensure our products are certified, registered and manufactured with women’s health and comfort in mind.

Our ISO certification ensures your Vagi-Wave is produced, tried and tested within International World Wide Standards, centred around requirements re Quality Standard, governed by the International Organization of Standardization in Geneva, Switzerland, and is recognized and practiced in over 160 countries around the world. Did you know for example,  that an ISO certificate such as the ISO  13485 means adhering to a specific and strict quality standard to ensure that companies follow and meet the strictest guidelines for the highest quality of products, as well as meeting worldwide requirements. And that these certificates are difficult to obtain , due to vigorous requirements – fortunately for you Vagi-Wave is one of those products that does comply.

Because of our ISO certification compliance , we can guarantee that each one is grade approved for healthcare applications for over fifty years, and that it does not contain any of the following: latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer and polyethylene and is free of colours and dyes. Our silicone product is  biocompatible (i.e. proven to be accepted by the human body & can be implanted within the body – like a heart valve –  without adverse reaction), durable, flexible, and easy to sterilize.  So where there ‘might be’ a risk of toxic shock from products such as tampons (and we stress the words ‘might be’ ) then by using a product made from medical grade silicone – toxic shock is impossible.

Though  a non medical device, we choose to manufacturer Vagi-Wave as if we were simply because we believe in : make it better than best.

So no matter what product you intend to purchase, such as a dilator or anything else that you intend to place in your vagina, it makes sense to ask the retailer, supplier and the manufacturer : does your product hold any ISO certification? And see if they answer :yes or no or decline to state either.

Of course this is a purchasers choice, but we say : if you want to know all about the procedures/ingredients regarding the food and drink you intend to consume, why would you not want to know the same details  regarding the product you intend to insert in your vagina ?

Whatever your choice make sure you are ‘product wise’ – because only you can do this.

How it’s made:

The silicone starts as a liquid and then the molecules are bound together (or vulcanized) with very high heat to form a solid stable piece of silicone (similar to the feel of soft rubber). Then cured after production in an oven at a very high temperature to make sure all the molecules are bound and “chain linked” together. Since the end product is a solid material, yet flexible and durable, there is no possibility for anything to leak into the body (no leaching). Even when boiled as one of the final stages for cleaning, our silicone has been tested to ensure none of the molecules will break away from the product leaving the product squiggy smooth to the touch. All of this done in a closed robotic environment, isn’t that amazing.

 Another way to use Vagi-Wave :

You can also use your Vagi-Wave to test the strength of your pelvic floor while manually doing pelvic floor exercises. The design of the Vagi-Wave is allows you to measure where your pelvic floor strength lies – weak to strong, as it will rest unaided while you lie down and flex your pc muscles.

Eventually, though it may take some time and practice, you will be able to (while standing) keep your Vagi-Wave within your vagina as you utilise your pelvic floor muscles while doing your exercises.

Here’s how to do that :

Insert Vagi-Wave as normal, holding a mirror so you can see the Retrieval end,  flex your pelvic floor by doing a pelvic floor exercise and note the movement. The greater the movement the greater strength/tone. Don’t worry if there is hardly any movement to begin with, as long as you keep working the pelvic floor you should notice an improvement when you test it again a month later.

Remember :

The pelvic floor does not get exercised unless you do it !

Where can I do general pelvic floor exercises (without a pelvic floor trainer – Vagi-Wave inserted)  so nobody notices ?

► Brushing your teeth

► Washing up

► At the checkout

► Waiting for a bus, train or at airport check in

► While using the phone or watching tv or on your computer

►Sat at your desk at work

In fact anywhere – the possibilities are endless – so be creative.

Product notes : not a contraceptive. not for use in pregnancy – unless agreed by your medically qualified representative.


Remember, if your Country is not in the drop down list of Countries at checkout, please contact us



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