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29 June 2022

Twins having their own twin babies

Kelly and Shelley kindly let us know that they are both pregnant with twins after Vagi Wave helped them conceive with donor sperm placed at the cervix. We are delighted…

15 May 2022

when sex and everything in-between seems impossible.

    Are any of these familiar to you ? Fear of intimacy due to anticipated pain particularly intercourse. Want to make love but your body wont let you. Feel…

01 May 2022

Different Types of Vaginismus

  Primary Vaginismus Primary vaginismus describes women who’ve always experienced vaginismus, never being able to tolerate any form of vaginal penetration. Secondary Vaginismus Women have previously enjoyed vaginal penetration without…

22 April 2022

Happy Birthday – Vagi-Wave is 10 years old

Helping women for 10 years – We have not increased our product prices over that time.

03 August 2020

The world maybe different but our company values are still the same.

Recent feedback tells us that women are opting for ‘Made In Britain’ over imported products after discovering certain product information maybe undisclosed if manufactured outside the UK. Which explains why…

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