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24 December 2023

Xmas News

24 July 2023

In a nutshell – How can Vagi-Wave help ?

When you feel scarred or anxious about penetration, your brain can make pain feel worse. For chronic pain management, just remind your brain that you are safe and secure by…

24 March 2023

No Price increases since 2012

It’s true. We have managed (somehow) to not increase our product range prices since 2012 (when the company was formed) – We continue to help our customers through these challenging…

03 September 2022

Our Ethos

Our Way of Doing Things This is not just a business to us; we are committed to providing an excellent health service to individual women whether they need it today…

29 June 2022

Recyle your Vagi-Wave

Just to give food for thought and bring a lighter note to recycling. A lady kindly provided her thoughts as follows: Quote: “Now I am done with vaginismus I wondered…

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