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07 May 2017

A warm welcome to the triplets

We are delighted to hear that a couple using the Vagi-Wave to prepare for AI/IVF have now given birth to triplets. How wonderful is that.

28 October 2016

lovely letter received about vaginismus and a recipe to get rid of it

We had a lovely letter from a lady thanking us for the Vagi-Wave because it got her over her battle with vaginismus. Granted she did say she had to use…

25 July 2016

Beautifully put by a vaginismus sufferer who turned to us

Here’s what a previously distraught vaginismus sufferer shared with us 1 year later  after using Vagi-Wave.   ” How can you possibly expect to receive love if you cannot love yourself ? Well from my experience…

27 June 2016

you requested the following link

In response to the emails over the weekend asking us to give the link to the vaginismus editorial, it is below as requested.

24 June 2016

Karen from Hastings wants to share her experience

We have received a wonderful letter from a customer who we have given additional support to, which she has agreed can be shared with others to give encouragement to other ladies….

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