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Different Types of Vaginismus

01 May 2022


Primary Vaginismus

Primary vaginismus describes women who’ve always experienced vaginismus, never being able to tolerate any form of vaginal penetration.

Secondary Vaginismus

Women have previously enjoyed vaginal penetration without issue go on to develop vaginismus. Though every case is different, secondary likely originates from childbirth, a specific trauma, or vaginal infections.

Global Vaginismus

Global vaginismus occurs during any and all forms of vaginal penetration. This can occur from trying to insert a tampon, sex, or routine examinations.

Situational Vaginismus

Where a woman may experience symptoms during some types of penetration, but not during others. For example, triggered by sex, but not when using a menstrual cup. 

The irony :  

To suggest inserting phallic shaped objects that increase in size as a means of stretching the vagina open lacks empathy and is degrading.  Considering women are told to keep the area taught and toned why would anyone want to go through the process of stretching themselves open ?

It’s your body so do give thought to the use of chemicals and/or dyes used as part of manufacturing processes. Some are exempt from being listed (according to the country of production not sale) as is the case with  certain plastics and oils.

Good To Know : Vagi-Wave is Organic 

Minus chemicals and/or dyes, it’s simply made to medical standards (meaning it could be surgically implanted like a heart valve) and requires no stretching  of the delicate area or any downtime. 

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Takeaway :

Vaginismus is a condition that affects women differently, but make no mistake it is incredibly stressful for the sufferer and can have detrimental affects on her physical, sexual and mental health, as well as affecting quality of life. 

How to get a Vagi-Wave :

  1. You can now purchase on-line if you prefer to order direct without going through your GP or other prescribing healthcare provider.
  2. Ask your GP to prescribe one via a NHS Prescription. 
  3. If you are under the care of any physiotherapist, you can request one by issued on prescription for you – via the prescribing hospital GP or your own GP.
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