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Recyle your Vagi-Wave

29 June 2022

Just to give food for thought and bring a lighter note to recycling.

A lady kindly provided her thoughts as follows:

Quote: “Now I am done with vaginismus I wondered what could I do with my Vagi Wave because I didn’t want to just bin it because I had bonded with it because of the life changing effects  it had on helping me have sex after many operations. Then the chain on my bath plug broke, so I  threaded the thread through the hole of the black plug and the Vagi  Wave and then reattached it to the bath, so now when I am i the bath I can find the plug easily as it floats. How cool is that !”

If anyone else has found a use for it when they no longer need their Vagi-Wave let us know.

In the meantime – thanks to Brenda, what a great idea.

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