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Moose-Joose (50ml)


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Our own formulated water based lubricant made to work in harmony with your Vagi-Wave ™   and as a stand alone personal lubricant.

CE Certified under the latest directive section 6 of the medical products law (MPG) for your peace of mind.

FREE FROM : parabens, perfumes, any animal ingredients, nor has it been tested on animals.









Many women feel they are experiencing intimate dryness every day.

A few examples are : Vaginsimus, Hormone changes, Vulvodynia, Post Surgery/Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy, including a reaction to some Scented Soaps/ Washing Powders including Scented Sanitary Protection, to name but a few.

Taking care of your intimate area is an important part of your health and well being, so if you suffer from dryness you need a product that soothes and relieves, giving you comfort during the day and/or during sexual activity.

That’s why Moose-Joose has been developed using organic ingredients as well as using a specific formulation to give you comfort that is as close to your natural lubrication, working in harmony with your body to hydrate, lubricate and soothe for the benefit of restoring comfort.

In addition to that we have met cultural needs as the products are dermatologically tested & approved, are free from parabens, odours, colours/dyes and hormones due to organic ingredients and Vegan Approved because No animal products/testing is used. In addition to that, being Water Based means it is easier to clean as the lubricant begins to dissolve on water contact, compared to Oil/Silicone based lubricants.



The actual product is brought to you minus any written information to ensure discretion, whether that be for use at home or for taking on holiday/ travelling, so please retain packaging & this leaflet for future reference.

Using a small amount of lubricant to begin with (about the size of a thumb nail) and apply to finger, then place on the intimate area that you wish to add lubrication to. If applying to a device /sex toy, add the lubricant to the part of the device/sex toy that will make contact with the body. You can continue adding more lubricant as required according to your own personal need.


Keep away from direct sunlight or heat, keep away from food with odour if placing in a fridge to cool the product. Keep away from children & pets.



Latex Condom Friendly.

Note : The product is not a contraception.

Avoid Eye Contact.

Discontinue use if your condition does not improve.

Translucent/Clear to avoid staining clothing or bedding.

All packaging can be recycled.

Organic Ingredients :

  • aqua (water)
  • gly- hydroxpropyl (corn starch)
  • ethylhexyl glycerol (grain and plant extract)
  • hydroxyethy cellulose (green plant algae)
  • phenoxy ethanol (sage oil)
  • guar hydroxypropyl triminium chloride ( guar gum plant)
  • citric acid ( citrus plant extract)

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