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September Sexscopes

16 September 2020

Aries :

Let your freak flag fly and embrace your kinkier-side. Get creative in the bedroom & get out of your sexual rut. 

Taurus :

Don’t try to express complicated feelings after an orgasm. Treat yourself to something naughty,

Gemini :

Explore new sexual horizons after the 6th of September.

Cancer :

Go to bed with an open mind to get maximum pleasure. any indecision will ruin the mood,

Leo :

Shine the spotlight on your lover by giving them extra attention during foreplay. Listen to their needs & send a hot photo to get them interested.

Virgo :

Try a little sexting it could lead to an interesting conversation. Don’t just use the eggplant emoji, personalise further with a naughty photo.

Libra :

Release some pent-up energy with a good orgasm. Best days to get laid are after the 20th. 

Scorpio :

Mysterious, erotic, and stunning – you’ll feel powerful in your sensuality. Revisit your fantasies from the 22nd.

Sagittarius :

Calm your libido by figuring out what you want in and out of the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you desire.

Capricorn ;

Relationships become emotional this month, you’ll be fighting one minute &  making up the next, enjoy the latter, you filthy animal!

Aquarius :

Your brain is on overdrive regarding sex/sensual pleasures. Spend time thinking about what really turns you on and you may discover that new fantasy.


Do some serious self-care, remember that you don’t owe anyone your body or your heart. However when you’ve finished caring for you, its time to focus on your needs. Around the 27th you’ll be raring for sexy fun.

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