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October Sex-Scopes

05 October 2020


Aries :

Start of the month fills you with mis-communication, so be mindful about texting anything raunchy. By the 27th it will be sorted out so go with the flow. 

Taurus :

Lots of pleasure is coming your way, but not as you would imagine, you are a vamp in the making!

Gemini :

Don’t let someone else try to control how things go, stand your ground, sex is about your needs too.

Cancer :

Want adventure ? Take it outdoors, it will make for exciting foreplay.

Leo :

Be observant, there’s a sexy stranger nearby, look for their interest in you, if you like what you hear & see, don’t be shy.

Virgo :

Your sex drive is racing, need we say more.

Libra :

Things from your sexual past resurface, acknowledge then let everything go, focus on what you want as of today.

Scorpio :

From the 16th, you need to step up your game in the bedroom.

Sagittarius :

Seduction is yours for the taking – if it tickles your fancy – naturally.

Capricorn :

What do you feel more comfortable with, getting more serious with your current  lover or trying some-one new ?

Aquarius :

Play it cool this month, drift at your own pace, when you want hot & steamy you’ll know it.


Focus on your own sexual needs. Try texting, you’ll get quite a shiver or maybe something more satisfying.

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