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January Sexscope

12 January 2022


You could be feeling like it’s time to tip the scales and  care for your new inner self and all things new regarding sex and/or emotional satisfaction.


January 24 is about sex, motivating you to go beyond your usual routine in the bedroom experimenting with things like shower sex, dominant role play  and bold sex positions.


January 24 means crank up your focus on your sex life emotionally and physically and give in to craves and if you like something demand more of it.


Sensitivity, sentimentality and intensity are your innermost desires. So its all about exploring and striking a balance between what you need for yourself and what works with a  partner.


Expect to reflect on and experiment with how you’re expressing yourself in love and pleasure with bursts of energy and motivation to infuse your sex life with more fun and creativity. 


Flirtatious & creative communication is likely to be in abundance if you’ve been wanting to share how you feel with a partnee or someone new. Try getting into sexy notes and see how things turn out.


Experiment with how you’re expressing yourself in love and physical pleasure learning more about your desires to infuse your sex life with more creativity.


You could be ready to have a major conversation with your partner if you’re attached, or if single look at new ways of doing whatever comes to mind as you’ll feel quite self-assure embracing your sexual impulses)


Time to work on feeling more emotionally into bonds and sexual intimacy, you’ll be reflecting on what you need to feel most comfortable in your relationship. How does flirting sound ?


Newfound self-assurance can have looking and feeling even more turned on than usual.  Focussing on singular and joint needs, and needs can be anything emotionally or sexually,  so go find out.


Around January 14 to 25 you’ll consider meditating on how you need to express you and everything that is you. Getting into specifics as well as dreaming about sexual needs – your imagination awakens in new ways.


Prioritise your own pleasure, fun, and self-expression. Devoting time and energy to your heart’s desires is a must right now. Consider a new idea like sexy chat or new positions, make if fun letting your imagination run wild.

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