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New Year New You – Take Control – Act Now

18 December 2017

As we all think or even dream about what we want to do or achieve in 2020 perhaps 2020 is to be the year that we dedicate  to putting ourself first, and doing all we can to help prepare for ‘all things gynaecological’ with regards to health and well-being.

Maybe we need to acknowledge that getting past vaginismus is only going to happen if we take responsibility for ourselves and become more pro active in dealing with the issue than simply staying in our comfort zone of ignoring or reluctantly accepting something as part of  life.

What if we  could do something different and maybe accept that the time has come to  accept we need to take a new and different path through life. What if we found the courage to do something  different so we can face things head on and deal with things, how amazing would that be ?

Can you imagine how that could make you feel, when you see  yourself being in control or when you hear someone comment on the positive changes you have made and continue to make ?

Well with Vagi-Wave you can take that first step.

As they say :

“if you always do what you always did,  

you’ll always get what you always got,

so do something different. “

We wish all  ladies a happy and healthy 2020, and hope that 2020 becomes the  chapter in your life  that makes you aware that there are times when you need to put yourself first.

When you are ready to do that, we will look forward to sending you your order to assist you with your own very special and personal 2018 journey.



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