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August Sexscope

21 August 2021



When Venus moves into Aries later in the month,  you’ll be all about jumping into bed with that special someone—or someone perfect for right now. You’ve got needs, fulfil them. 


Keep your eyes open. Someone has their eye on you.Take some time to explore. Could be they’re a one night or for keeps.


Single? You’ve got high expectations for the next person you bring home. In a relationship ? Do a temperature check on things – are you both cool with things or is improvement needed?


Take some time to just talk—it’ll bring you closer to someone.If you haven’t met the right person just yet, you will now.


Communication is key. Maybe think about statement toys for the bedroom.


Get ready, this is the time to focus on your love life. Whip out the good lingerie and  light some candles to get closer.


What is your perfect relationship, have you found it yet? The The answer is within your daydreams —you can’t find something when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Look inside your dreams.


Don’t stress if you feel like you’re not quite there yet—it’ll come soon – let passion lead the way.


Someone has their eye on you… You’ll need to play detective and then make them sware of your feelings.


Someone new and exciting is hanging around, waiting for you to notice them and take the initiative.


Someone’s caught your eye ,push deeper to  connect.


This month  is all about sexual intellectual intimacy. You’ll be all about sultry eye contact in bed.

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