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About us

Our Motto :

NO Dyes, NO Parabens, NO Hormones,NO animal Testing , All Vegan, All Organic

Introduction :

If these are some of the things you are thinking about :

Best vaginsimus treatment kit,  Best vaginismus solution, Pain during sex, Unable to have sex because of vaginsimus, I have vaginismus and want to start a family, Vaginismus after childbirth, Dilators are degrading, a waste of time & money because they never worked for methen you have come to the right place because we are all about avoiding or getting rid of vaginismus while you sleep, without having to ‘shove’ phallic looking objects into the vagina that stretch you open making you feel worse and utterly degraded.

So please feel free to enjoy reading our website, we have kept it simple and clutter free of (1) unnecessary information and  (2) closed forums because we believe you want to get to information quickly rather than becoming bogged down with needless overload. We never support ‘closed/by invitation only forums’ where the public are unable to read uncensored comments, therefore we encourage people to search ‘vagi-wave reviews’ through google rather than be influenced by the likes of  (1) company owned/ run websites (including own forums) as well as (2) closed/by invitation only forums.

After many many years of research , tears and countless sleepless nights,  a pioneering product was at last invented by one UK  lady (the company CEO ) who reached out to help those suffering in silence and at the end of their tether the world over.

Dedicated and driven by personal experience,  she set out to tackle and hopefully solve the problems women were suffering from as she herself had heard the infamous words :  “there is nothing out there and nothing can be done”.

Refusing to accept that she and other women were  out of options as well as refusing to accept a life of misery she set about finding her own solution. With many years of research,  questionnaires, building  proto types, and testing , she peeled back the layers of feedback , driven by the need to resolve an unfairness bestowed on women she knocked down those brick walls refusing to give up no matter how many tears were shed through frustration. She continued until eventually she discovered many answers that came from within as well as from the knowledge she gained from studying the works of Carl Jung, William James, DeVinci. Benson, Campbell, John Dewey, Donald Hebb as well as neuroscience, social science, psychology to name but a few pioneers,  and topics.

After volunteers ‘road tested’ the Vagi-Wave and receiving letters from women shouting about their success  –  she brought  The Vagi-Wave – to the women of the world through export – and the rest you know.

Even now, ladies the world over send her thanks daily for inventing something extraordinarily remarkable, bringing them new options in life regarding the way they take care of themselves.

Now let’s tell you a little more about us today :

We are a UK  female led business, who along with the Inventor and CEO and in addition to being backed by neuroscience, now bring you the amazing revolutionary ‘all of life product’ that we believe is essential to women of any age over 16 years.

Our staff are always sympathetic and knowledgeable to such personal issues that affect women, because they will also have experienced a fair few of the problems themselves.

One example of this is the CEO who after suffering from a wide range of female problems for many years decided enough was enough, and set about tackling all the problems she and others had encountered , coming up with the solution that felt right from the female perspective.

Now you too can take comfort from the fact – you are no longer alone – because help is at hand thanks to  Vagi-Wave ™ . All the tears, hard work, science, development and so much more that has gone into this game changing product, truly makes a difference for women of all ages regarding how they live and plan their lives whether it be around intimacy, health and well-being. What’s more help is at hand for young women who need to learn how to become familiar with the sensation of tampons – but without the mess and stress.

Check out our page   for all the value and benefits that may be appropriate to you.

The Vaginal Acceptance Trainer ™  is ergonomic, tactile and curvaceous following the contours of the Vagina and represents everything a women perceives herself to be.

Get the result you want fast , effortlessly and pain free.

Vagi-Wave is a discreet, intuitive and amazing product that makes it possible for women to effortlessly take control of , and invest in their well being today in readiness for all of their tomorrows.

No ‘private down time’.

No medical intervention required.

No ‘stretching’ as is the case with many dilators.

Vagi-Wave  : Tried and trusted by women. Make Vagi-Wave your new ‘best friend’  regarding your health, well-being and intimate happiness.

The perfect Vaginismus treatment kit – trusted by women just like you.

Testimonials : these can be found here :  though we urge you to visit Google and type in “vagi-wave reviews” to get external customer reviews in addition to those you can read on our website from customers.

ALL products are manufactured, tested & packed in the UK by us.

Follow this link for the on-line brochure :


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